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Purchase DVDs & Videos featuring Music by Charles Bernstein

The Internet Movie Database maintains links to DVDs, VHS tapes, and soundtracks at featuring music by Charles Bernstein.

Charles Bernstein's Film Music on CD

Several film scores have been released commercially. These include Mr. Majestyk (Intrada Records), A Nightmare on Elm Street (Varese Sarabande), The Sea Wolf (Bay Cities), Excessive Force (Bay Cities), Enslavement: The True Story of Fanny Kemble (Intrada). A number of scores on CD have been circulated in collectors or limited editions. These include Cujo, Sadat, Out of the Ashes, Profoundly Normal and Crossing the Line, White Lightning. (None are available through this website).

MASS: Voices of the World

Charles Bernstein's 1999 World-Beat Mass featuring voices from different cultures. Now available from Charles Bernstein - Mass: Voices of the World and other online stores.

MASS: Voices for the World
Buy now at

Track Listings
1. Alleluia
2. Kyrie
3. Agnus Dei
4. Gloria
5. Sanctus
6. Credo

With the global state of affairs being what they are today, Charles Bernstein's inspired opus, Mass: Voices of the World, stands tall like a beacon of light bringing hope to our hearts as we enter the 21st century.
Quincy Jones, Musician, Composer, Producer

Music is one of the best ways to enrich and bring re-enchantment into our lives. Charles' Mass is a wonderful example of this.
Thomas Moore, Best-selling Author

Listen to a sample of Agnus Dei

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