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Theatrical Motion Pictures
Inglorious Basterds (additional music)   Weinsteins-Universal/Tarantino
Watada: The Courage of One American Film F./Frieda Lee Mock
Shattered Joe Rassulo/Independent Film release
Refusenik Foundation for Documentary Projects
Kill Bill, Vol 1 (additional music) Miramax/Quentin Tarantino
Freddy vs. Jason (theme only) New Line/Robt. Shaye
After Innocence Showtime/Jessica Sanders
Fighting Words Paul Edwards/(Independent)
Return With Honor Tom Hanks Presents/Frieda Lee Mock
Excessive Force New Line Cinema
Rumplestiltskin Di Laurentiis/Spelling
Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision American Film F. (Academy Award)
Dudes Vista (Dir. Penelope Spheeris)
The Allnighter Universal/Aurora
Deadly Friend Warner Bros. (Dir. Wes Craven)
April Fools Day Paramount/Frank Mancuso, Jr.
A Nightmare on Elm Street (I) New Line/Robt. Shaye/Wes Craven
Cujo (Steven King's) Warner Bros./Blatt-Singer 20th
The Entity (w/Barbara Hershey) Fox/Harold Schnieder
Independence Day (K. Qunlin) Warner Bros./Dan Blatt
Love At First Bite (w/Geo. Hamilton) American International
The Hunter (w/Steve Mcqueen) Paramount/Raystar (Foreign)
Coast To Coast (w/Dyan Cannon) Paramount/Steve Tisch-Jon Avnet
Foolin' Around (w/Gary Busey) Columbia/Arnold Koppelson
Outlaw Blues (w/Peter Fonda) Warner Bros./Weintraub
Gator (Dir. Burt Reynolds) United Artists/Levy-Gardner
Trackdown (Prod. Bernard Schwartz) United Artists
Mr. Majestyk (Prod. Walter Mirsch) United Artists/ Walter Mirish
White Lightning (Burt Reynolds) United Artists/Levy-Gardner
A Small Town In Texas AIP/Louis Arkoff
Viva Knevel! (Prod. Irwin Allen) Warner Bros.
That Man Bolt Universal
Invasion Of The Bee Girls Embassy Home Entertainment
Hex 20th Century Fox
Movies for Television
Darwin's Darkest Hour   PBS-NOVA/National Geographic
Sweet nothing in My Ear CBS/Hallmark Hall of Fame/Joseph Sargent
Sybil CBS/Warner Bros/Joseph Sargent
Conde Jondo Lewis Teague Productions
A Home Out West PBS/Heritage Films
Family Sins CBS/Graeme Clifford
Profoundly Normal CBS/Graeme Clifford
A Christmas Visitor Hallmark/Chris Leitch
Out Of The Ashes Showtime/Joseph Sargent
Crossing The Line Lifetime/Graeme Clifford
The Day The World Ended HBO/Stan Winston, Lou Arkoff
Picnic CBS/Columbia-Tristar/Ivan Passer
Enslavement Showtime/James Keach-Jane Seymour
The Long Island Incident NBC/Barbara Streisand/Joseph Sargent
Miss Ever's Boys HBO/Joseph Sargent
The Hunted USA/Stuart Cooper
When Danger Follows You Home USA/Universal/David Peckenpaugh
The Ticket USA/MCA/Stuart Cooper
Bloodhounds II-The Book Of Matthew USA/Wilshire Court MCA/Stuart Cooper
Sean Connery: An Intimate Portrait Lifetime/Krakower
Dead Ahead USA/Wilshire Court MCA/Stuart Cooper
Sophie And The Moonhanger Lifetime/Berg-ABC Prods
Out Of Annie's Past USA/Universal/Stuart Cooper
My Name Is Kate ABC/Donna Mills/Rod Hardy
Final Appeal NBC/Republic/Brian Dennehy
Jack London's The Sea Wolf TNT/A.J. Fenady & Bob Banner
Between Love & Hate ABC/Cosgrove Meurer/Rod Hardy
Somebodys Daughter ABC/Republic/Joseph Sargent
Yes, Virginia There Is A Santa Claus ABC/Fenady/Charles Jarrott
Guilty Until Proven Innocent NBC/Cosgrove/Meurer
Payoff Showtime/Viacom/Stuart Cooper
The Love She Sought NBC/Fenady/Joseph Sargent
Fall From Grace NBC Prods./Karen Arthur
The Last Elephant TNT/Robt. Halmi/Joseph Sargent
Caroline? CBS/Petrie/Joseph Sargent
Too Young To Die? NBC/von Zernek-Sertner/Robt. Markowitz
A Life To Remember: Rose Kennedy PBS/American Film Foundation
She Said No NBC/Steve White
Love And Betrayal CBS/Gross-Weston/ITC Prods.
A Whisper Kills ABC/Judy Polone/Phoenix
The Man Who Broke 1000 Chains HBO/Michael Campus
Ghost Of A Chance CBS/Lorimar/Strangis
Little Miss Perfect CBS/Ten-Four/Marsha Mason
The Last Fling ABC/Leonard Hill
Rockabye CBS/Roger Gimbel
Chase NBC/20th Century Fox
Generation ABC/Embassy/Finnegans
Malice In Wonderland CBS/ITC Prods./J. Benson
Secret Weapons NBC/ITC Prods.
Bogie CBS/Charles Fries
The House On Garibaldi Street ABC/Charles Fries
The Winds Of Kitty Hawk NBC/Charles Fries/Larry Schiller
Women At West Point CBS/Columbia
Steel Cowboy NBC/Roger Gimbel-EMI
Are You In The House Alone? CBS/Charles Fries/J. Benson
Katie: Portrait Of A Centerfold NBC/Warner Bros./Robt. Greenwald
Thaddeus Rose And Eddie CBS Prods.
The Cops And Robin NBC/Paramount
Fast Lane Blues ABC/Viacom/Blinn-Thorp
Wild And Wooly ABC/Aaron Spelling
Escape From Bogan County CBS/Paramount-Moonlight
Nightmare In Badham County ABC/Doug Cramer
Rosemary's Baby II (Re-Titled) ABC/Paramount
A Shadow In The Streets NBC/Playboy Prods.
Television Mini-Series
The Long Hot Summer   NBC/Leonard Hill/Stuart Cooper
Drug Wars: The Camarena Story (I) NBC/Michael Mann
Drug Wars: The Cocaine Cartel (II) NBC/Michael Mann
Trial: The Price Of Passion NBC/TriStar
Love, Lies And Murder NBC/Benson/Robt. Markowitz
Sadat Columbia/Blatt-Singer
Judith Krantz' Scruples CBS/Warner Bros.
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