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Video Gallery

The videos below inlcude scenes with my music, some recent concert footage, and interviews.

Quentin Tarantino Discusses Charles Bernstein's Music

Quentin Tarantino discusses Charles Bernstein's music in an interview with journalist/critic Elvis Mitchell.

A Nightmare on Elm Street - Main Titles

The astomospheric opening of A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET introduces Freddy Krueger and his musical themes to movie audiences for the first time.

Cujo - Main Titles

In the Main Titles to CUJO, the musical themes portend a lurking menace for the dog Cujo, the boy and the family as well.

Sweet Nothing in My Ear - Opening

The beautiful opening to the movie "Sweet Nothing in My Ear," staring Jeff Daniels and Marlee Matlin, and directed by the wonderful Joe Sargent are presented in this video. This is in tribute to Joe and my many collaborations with him over the years. It was our last project together before he passed away. He was a brilliant man and I loved him very much.

Cujo Suite Charles Bernstein Tenerife Festival 2017

This is a live performance of the Tenerife Festival Orchestra under the amazing direction of Diego Navarro playing my suite from CUJO as part of an evening of Stephen King film scores. The orchestra and the maestro are superb! This year, the festival orchestra also premiered a special Concert Overture that I wrote based on the themes from A Nightmare on Elm Street. Since this score was originally all-synthizer, this was the first time the Elm Street music was performed by an orchestra in a concert hall.

Charles Bernstein conducting the "Long Island Incident"

Here's an early video clip of me conducting the main title to "The Long Island Incident." The session was held at Capitol Records.

Charles Bernstein Interview - Gibson Guitar Series

I did this video interview for Gibson Guitars about my score for a Nightmare on Elm Street and my collaboration with the great Wes Craven. This was the first in their web series about the creative process by composers and others "Behind the Board."